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Welcome to Amigo - AI, where managing your personal finances becomes not just simpler but a truly engaging experience. Designed with carefully to leverage AI, Amigo - AI brings you a suite of tools tailored for budgeting, expense tracking, and delivering personalized financial advice right at your fingertips.

Why Choose Amigo - AI?

  • Privacy by Design: Your financial data stays secure with top-tier encryption and privacy-first policies. Amigo - AI ensures your information is protected while providing you personalized insights.
  • Efficient Tracking and Management: Say goodbye to manual entries and spreadsheets. Our intuitive interface makes recording and accessing your financial information effortless.
  • Insightful Financial Advice: Leveraging the latest advancements in AI, Amigo provides custom recommendations to help you optimize your spending and increase savings.

With Amigo - AI, take control of your finances with confidence. Whether you’re planning for future investments or just trying to manage daily expenses, Amigo is your reliable financial partner. Experience a new era of financial management where technology meets personal finance in a way that is accessible, understandable, and actionable.

Join thousands who are already managing their finances smarter, faster, and more securely. Embrace the future of personal finance with Amigo - AI today!

Advanced AI Capabilities in Personal Finance

Amigo - AI harnesses the power of OpenAI’s GPT technology to transform personal finance management:

Premium and Free Versions

  • GPT-4 Premium Version: Our premium services utilize GPT-4, offering users unparalleled financial insights and predictive analytics.
  • GPT-3.5 Free Version: Access robust financial management tools at no cost with GPT-3.5, ensuring valuable assistance for all users.

Customization with Personal GPT API Key

  • Your Own GPT API Key: Integrate your own GPT API key to customize responses and insights, making Amigo perfectly tailored to your financial needs.
  • Assistant and Completion Modes: Choose between completion mode for specific queries and assistant mode for conversational financial guidance.

AI-Driven Financial Management

  • Personalized Financial Prompts: Based on your transactions (income and expenses), Amigo AI generates tailored financial prompts to guide your financial decisions.
  • Segment-Specific Queries: Whether it’s budgeting, income, expenses, or recurring payments, Amigo provides AI-generated questions and solutions tailored to each segment.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Only with your consent, Amigo tracks app interactions to offer personalized advice, improving financial outcomes.

On-the-Fly Financial Analysis

  • Summarization of Financial Data: Input from users is summarized and analyzed through our advanced language models to provide actionable financial insights.
  • Complex Calculations: Perform real-time calculations to predict budgeting needs across various categories based on past spending patterns.
  • Categorical Improvement Suggestions: Receive targeted advice to optimize spending and enhance financial health in specific categories.

Amigo AI leverages a customized prompt and training summarization algorithm to maximize the benefits from your financial data. This enables a truly personalized financial management experience that adapts to your needs and evolves with your financial journey.

Key Features and Interactivity

Explore the core functionalities that make Amigo - AI a standout in the realm of personal finance apps. Our user-friendly features are designed to empower you with control and insight over your financial health.

Bank Statement Imports

Import and manage your bank statements effortlessly to keep track of your finances in one place. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, Amigo - AI automates the categorization of your transactions, saving you time and providing accurate financial insights.

Dynamic Dashboard

Visualize your financial health with our dynamic dashboard that adapts to your personal financial activities. Tailor your dashboard to show what matters most to you, whether it’s upcoming bills, spending trends, or savings goals. The interactive interface allows you to dive deeper into your finances with just a few taps.

Interactive Widgets

Enhance your iOS experience with Amigo - AI’s custom widgets, designed for quick access and useful insights:

  • Small Widget: Inspired by the Apple Fitness app, this widget provides a quick snapshot of your daily financial activity, keeping your budget goals front and center.
  • Medium Widget: Borrowing visual cues from the Nike iOS app, this widget offers concise financial summaries, showing you spending patterns and account balances at a glance.
  • Large Widget: Add transactions without opening the app with our large widget, featuring an interactive calculator keyboard inspired by the award-winning Calzy app. This tool is perfect for quick expense logging directly from your home screen.

Comprehensive Device Support

Amigo AI is beautifully integrated across various Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, ensuring a seamless user experience. Our responsive design means that whether you’re checking your finances on your phone, tablet, or watch, Amigo - AI provides a consistent, intuitive interface optimized for each device. Experience how Amigo - AI harnesses the power of Apple’s ecosystem to bring you a superior financial management tool that feels right at home on your chosen device.

Amigo - AI

Security and Data Privacy

In an era where data security is paramount, Amigo - AI is built from the ground up with your privacy and security in focus. Here’s how we ensure your financial information remains protected and confidential:

Amigo - AI

Secure Data Backup with iCloud

Amigo - AI leverages iCloud for secure data backup, ensuring that your financial data is not only safe but also easily recoverable in case of device loss or damage. By utilizing Apple’s built-in security mechanisms, we provide a robust solution for data storage without relying on third-party servers. Your data is encrypted end-to-end, meaning only you can access your information.

Data Storage and Privacy

When you use Amigo - AI, your financial data is stored directly in your own iCloud storage. This storage is part of a secure container that is managed by CloudKit, which allows us to structure the data without accessing the content itself.

  • Data Containers: We use CloudKit containers to hold user data. These containers are designed so that data stored within them is accessible only by the intended iCloud user. Even as developers, we only interact with the schema and metadata — the structure of the data, not the data itself.

  • Privacy and Access Control: Only you, the user, have the key to decrypt and access your data. Our servers, while responsible for managing the database schema and ensuring that the app functions smoothly, do not have access to decrypt your data.

  • Administrative Oversight: From an administrative perspective, we can monitor the number of records for maintenance and performance optimization but cannot see the content of these records. This approach ensures that your financial information remains private and secure.

This iCloud-based solution not only enhances security by leveraging Apple’s encryption but also respects user privacy by ensuring that data access is strictly controlled.

AIProxy for Secure OpenAI Requests

Amigo - AI uses a third-party service called AIProxy from AIProxy to handle secure interactions with OpenAI. Here’s how it helps keep your data safe:

  • Secure Communication: AIProxy acts as a middleman between Amigo - AI and OpenAI, making sure that all data sent and received is secure.
  • Data Anonymization: Before sending your data to OpenAI for processing, AIProxy removes any personal details that could identify you. This means only anonymous data is processed, keeping your personal information safe.
  • Split Key Security: The key needed to talk to OpenAI is split into two parts. One part is kept safe on AIProxy, and the other is with you. When needed, these parts are combined just for the time needed to make a request, and then separated again. This keeps the full key secure.
  • Encryption: All data sent through AIProxy is encrypted, which means it’s turned into a code that only authorized parties can decode. This protects your data from hackers.
  • No Permanent Data Storage: AIProxy does not store your personal data once the request is completed. This minimizes the risk of your data being exposed or misused.

Commitment to Privacy

Amigo - AI is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data privacy:

  • No Personal Data on Servers: We do not store your personal financial data on any servers. All data is stored locally on your device and backed up to iCloud under your control.
  • Transparent Privacy Practices: Our privacy policy is clear and straightforward, detailing how we handle your information without complicated jargon.
  • User-Centric Control: You have complete control over your financial data. From data entry to data deletion, your privacy preferences are respected at every step.

With Amigo - AI, rest assured that your financial data is handled with the utmost care, ensuring privacy, security, and reliability. We make it our mission to provide a safe environment for you to manage your finances without compromise.

Device Integration and User Experience

Amigo - AI expertly leverages the unique capabilities of Apple devices to deliver a superior and seamless user experience, meticulously optimized for each platform from the iPhone to the Mac. Here’s how Amigo - AI adapts to each device, providing intuitive and efficient financial management:

Amigo - AI


On the iPhone, Amigo - AI offers a portable and convenient way to manage your finances on the go. With touch and Face ID integration, accessing your financial overview is secure and instant. The app’s design utilizes the compact screen space effectively, ensuring that all functionalities are just a tap away.

Amigo - AI


Taking full advantage of the larger screen, Amigo - AI on the iPad provides an expanded view of your financial landscape. Multi-tasking features and drag-and-drop functionality make it easier than ever to organize your finances while using other apps side by side.

Amigo - AI

Apple Watch

For ultimate convenience, the Apple Watch app allows you to track spending and check your budgets directly from your wrist. Quick interactions and smart notifications keep you informed without disrupting your day. It’s perfect for adding transactions and getting alerts on the go.


Integrating with VisionOS, Amigo - AI brings financial management to your living room. Visualize financial data on a bigger screen and interact with your finances through Apple TV’s intuitive interface. This setup is ideal for family budgeting sessions or planning financial goals in a comfortable setting.


On macOS, Amigo - AI utilizes the powerful features of Mac computers to offer a robust and detailed financial analysis experience. With seamless integration with other macOS applications, users can enjoy a desktop environment that is both powerful and user-friendly, making it suitable for in-depth financial planning and management.

Comprehensive Synchronization

All these experiences are interconnected through iCloud, ensuring that changes made on one device are reflected across all others. This seamless synchronization not only enhances convenience but also ensures that your financial data is up-to-date, secure, and accessible from any device within the Apple ecosystem.

With Amigo - AI, enjoy a tailored financial management experience that respects and utilizes the strengths of each Apple device, providing you with the tools you need to manage your money smarter and more effectively, wherever you are.

Stay Connected and Informed

For more information about how we handle your data and your rights, visit our detailed Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. These documents provide a comprehensive overview of our practices and your privacy, ensuring you are fully informed about the security and usage of your data.

For direct inquiries or further assistance, please contact Tirupati Balan at Tirupati is committed to providing support and addressing your concerns promptly.

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