Keep up with the evolution of Amigo AI. This document chronicles our journey of enhancements and updates to enrich your experience.


Version 2.0.29 17 May 2024

Now you can chat with Amigo with GPT-4o capability. As we enabled our Amigo assistant model to use GPT-4o which is 50% cheaper than GPT 4 and most advanced model of OpenAI.

Lets leverage this for all our personal finance query.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.28 16 May 2024

New Features:

  • Improved QR Scanner: Automatically adjusts focus for clearer scans.
  • Torch Control: Easily toggle the torch for better visibility in low light.
  • Gallery Upload: Upload QR codes from your photo gallery.


  • Dynamic Frame: Scanning frame adapts to your screen size.
  • Dimmed Overlay: Enhanced focus with a dimmed background.

Enjoy the new features and improved performance! Please leave a review or contact support with your feedback.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.27 15 May 2024

Update Includes:

  • Highlights the message date with dynamically formatted timestamps.
  • Haptic feedback on message receive to improve user interaction.
  • New text-to-speech capability in chat interface for each message as received.
  • General improvements to reassure users of ongoing app maintenance and enhancements.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.26 15 May 2024

UPI Payment Reminder: We’ve added a new feature that reminds you to log your expenses 3 minutes after making a UPI payment. Just scan the UPI ID to make a payment, and Amigo will handle the rest.

Improved Performance: We’ve made several under-the-hood improvements to make the app faster and more responsive.

Bug Fixes: We’ve squashed some bugs to enhance your experience.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.25 14 May 2024

We’ve given our home screen a makeover! It’s now easier to navigate, faster, and packed with beautiful new visuals. Finding what you need at home has never felt more intuitive.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.24 12 May 2024

We’ve Updated Our Icon!

Our new infinity symbol represents the endless possibilities of Amigo AI. Look for this new icon on your home screen and dive into a limitless experience.

Update Includes:

  • Squashed some pesky bugs affecting date selection in transaction entries.
  • Enhanced the load efficiency of account lists, making add transaction experience bit faster.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.23 12 May 2024

Changes Include:

  • Improvements on home with new swift chart.

Bug Includes:

  • Change category bug during add transaction.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.22 11 May 2024

Russian Language Support: Full support for Russian, enhancing usability for Russian-speaking users. Optimized graphs in the Insights section are now more user-friendly for weekly, monthly, and yearly overviews.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.21 10 May 2024

Arabic Language Support: Full support for Arabic, including right-to-left text direction, enhancing usability for Arabic-speaking users.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.20 9 May 2024

Update Includes: Insights:

  • Interactive Graph Details: Tap any part of the graph for instant data insights.
  • Edit Categories with Long Press: Quickly modify categories directly from the main screen.
  • Single Tap Budget and Transaction Details: Access budget information and transactions with just one tap.


  • Accessibility Enhancements in Graphs: Now with voice-over support and dynamic text adjustments.


  • Update now to enjoy these new features and improvements to make managing your finances easier and more accessible!

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.19 9 May 2024

Revamped Insights Section:

  • Time-Specific Analysis: View financial data with flexible daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs.
  • Enhanced Line Graphs: Sleek, interactive charts for better trend visualization.
  • Detailed Summaries: Immediate insights into total expenses, average spending, and spending extremes.
  • Category Breakdowns: Visual percentages of spending by category with budget comparisons.
  • SwiftUI & Swift Charts Integration: Enjoy faster, smoother, and more responsive insights.

Optimize your finances with powerful, intuitive insights—updated for clarity and precision.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.18 7 May 2024

Expanded Language Support!

We’ve broadened our language offerings to ensure users around the world can enjoy a localized experience in their native language. New languages now supported:

  • Chinese (Simplified) (简体中文): Enhancing support for one of the world’s most widely spoken languages.
  • Portuguese (Português): Catering to our users in Portugal and Brazil, with tailored content for each region.
  • Japanese (日本語): Providing a seamless experience for our Japanese users.
  • Hindi (हिंदी): Expanding our reach in India with one of the most spoken languages in the country.
  • French (Français): Now supporting both European and Canadian French.
  • Italian (Italiano): Offering tailored content for our Italian users.
  • German (Deutsch): Enhanced support for our users in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • Spanish (Español): Comprehensive support for Spanish speakers worldwide, including distinct versions for Spain and Latin America.

Focus on Globalization:

  • Universal Experience: We’re striving to create an app that’s culturally neutral and accessible globally, not just localized translations.
  • Inclusive Content: Adjusting visuals and content to be culturally appropriate and inclusive across all regions.
  • Simultaneous Updates: Ensuring that all languages and regions receive updates simultaneously to maintain a consistent and fair user experience.

Future Expansion Plans:

  • Middle East Focus: In our next phase, we plan to introduce support for Middle Eastern languages and incorporate regional features to cater to this vibrant market. This move is part of our broader strategy to ensure our app resonates well across diverse cultural landscapes.

Enhanced Features:

  • Improved Accessibility: New settings and features to enhance usability for users with disabilities.
  • Advanced Settings: More control over app functionalities to customize user experience based on individual preferences and regional norms.

We’re excited to bring these improvements to you and look forward to further expanding our global footprint.

Thank you for your continued support as we grow and evolve!

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.17 5 May 2024


  • Enhanced large widget visibility in dark mode for better readability.
  • New accessibility features: you can now add transactions directly from the home page, providing full accessibility support for an improved user experience.
  • Disabled automatic Game Center login on first launch to enhance user control and privacy.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.16 5 May 2024

  • New User Dashboard: Enjoy an improved first-time experience with an intuitive and streamlined dashboard.
  • Bug Fixes: We’ve enhanced stability and fixed known issues for smoother operation.
  • Font Standardization: We’ve chosen the system font for its superior readability and aesthetics. Now supporting Apple’s typography with dynamic sizing to enhance accessibility.
  • Simplified Transaction Entry: The simple mode now features fewer options for easier navigation. We’ve moved the recurring transaction option to expanded mode for those who need more detailed control.

Cheers, Amigo

Version 2.0.15 4 May 2024

Improvements & Fixes in Interactive Widgets.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.14 4 May 2024

Improved iWatch experience.

Updates include for iWatch:

  • Add and manage your transactions with just a few taps directly from your watch—no phone needed!
  • Effortlessly view, delete, or duplicate transactions to take full control over your financial management.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.13 1 May 2024

Exciting news! We’ve introduced our new iMessage extension in Amigo AI.

New Feature:

  • Seamlessly share expenses and split bills with friends directly from your iMessage conversations.

Existing Improvement:

  • Enhanced Accessibility and Performance.

Start using the Amigo AI iMessage extension today and simplify your group expenses effortlessly.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.12 30 Apr 2024

New lock screen widget.

Also include minor bug fixes and improvements.

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.11 29 Apr 2024

We’re excited to announce that our iOS app now includes a watch app component, allowing you to:

  • View a list of your transactions directly on your Apple Watch.
  • Add transactions quickly and easily right from your wrist.

Stay on top of your finances with even more convenience and ease!

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.10 28 Apr 2024

Hola, Exciting Widget and Badge Updates:

  • Small Widget: Quick glance at today’s spending.
  • Medium Widget: Weekly financial summary right on your home screen.
  • New Badges: Earn achievements and badges as you reach your financial goals!

Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

  • Experience faster app performance and smoother navigation.
  • Various bug fixes to enhance your app usability.

Update now to make managing your finances even easier and more accessible!

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.9 28 Apr 2024

We’ve polished up your experience with our achievements! Dive into a smoother, more rewarding journey as you unlock your financial milestones with ease.

Update now and keep your achievements shining bright!

Love, Amigo

Version 2.0.8 27 Apr 2024

Introducing Achievements!

We’re excited to roll out our new achievement system!

Unlock badges for reaching milestones in your financial journey. Whether you’re saving your first dollar, investing wisely, or cutting down on expenses, there’s a badge to mark each of your successes.

Love, Amigo

Version 1.1.31

13 Apr 2024

Meet Your New Financial Buddy: Recurring Transactions! Amigo just got smarter! Now, you can effortlessly keep track of transactions that happen on the regular—be it daily, weekly, or monthly. Just set it, filter it, and forget it until you need a nudge. Let Amigo handle the reminders so you can breeze through your financial to-dos!

Version 1.1.30

10 Apr 2024

Improved amigo with budget focused!

Version 1.1.29

8 Apr 2024

  • Bored? Play 2048 game within the app only.
  • Bug fixes during iCloud sync for duplicate values on second install.

Version 1.1.28

5 Apr 2024

Improvements & bug fixes.

Version 1.1.27

4 Apr 2024

Introduced recurring payment with types daily, weekly, and with customization.

Version 1.1.26

31 Mar 2024

Our very first watch app launched with minimum transaction details.

Version 1.1.25

29 Mar 2024

Optimized for iPad and improvements.

Version 1.1.24

26 Mar 2024

Now fully compatible for iPad and tab bar optimization and improved experience.

Version 1.1.23

24 Mar 2024

Improved theme and support for dark mode only.

Version 1.1.22

21 Mar 2024

Haptic, sounds, and tint optimization for smooth experience and most waited update i.e account-based transaction logging.

Version 1.1.21

19 Mar 2024

Optimized amigo and haptic feedback.

Version 1.1.20

18 Mar 2024

  • Introduce Amigo your personal AI assistant.
  • Enhanced Security: With iCloud, your data stays safe and sound, accessible only by you.
  • Streamlined Experience: No servers, no logins – just you and your finances, in perfect harmony.